About Me-About Joining Scentsy

My name is Kristine Rutledge and I am a Scentsy Consultant.  I have only been a consultant since October but I quickly saw how Scentsy can make extra cash or income.  If you need extra cash every month to pay the gas bill, the car payment, or work your way up to making Scentsy your primary source of income….YOU decide how much you earn with Scentsy!!!  All you need is a plug in and people automatically gravitate to Scentsy’s products.  With such a wonderful product and company you will never be disappointed with your choice to join Scentsy!!


I joined Scentsy in October 2010.  I was struggling for cash while student teaching my husbands teacher salary just wasn’t cutting it…then I joined Scentsy.   It has been my relief when we are struggling towards payday to know I will be getting my Scentsy payment on the 10th of every month.  Only $99 to join…you will get that $99 back with your incoming sales!!


To sign up go to my page:  www.kristinerutledge.scentsy.us


Questions????  email me at: rutledge.kristine11@gmail.com


I look forward to helping your Scentsy dreams come true!


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